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Utilizing the Panerai Watches Luminor case from 1950, this new release is done in the classic 47mm size and made from brushed titanium. The bezel is polished for a slight bit of contrast and the watch features an exhibition case back displaying the inner workings of the manufacture P.2002/9 movement as well as to check on the level of the power reserve. An antiqued brown leather strap gives the timepiece a vintage look and is finished off with a large brushed titanium buckle to match the case. Titanium was the metal chosen for this watch due to its strength and lightness and its hypo-allergenic qualities. The minimalist look of the design is characteristic of the brand giving this piece a classic look that has a timeless appeal. The brushed metal softens its presence giving it a rich yet subtle look.

Completely designed and manufactured in-house, the P.2002/9 calibre has hand wound mechanical movement, three panerai replica Watches Sale spring barrels and a frequency of 28.800 alternations per hour or 4 hertz. This provides a power reserve of eight days that is displayed on the back of the watch case. The watch can be perfectly synchronized with a reference time signal due to the seconds reset function that zeroes the seconds hand. It is water-resistant to 10 ATM or 100 meters.

With a small sub-dial at 3 o'clock, the small seconds are displayed. The hour and minute hands are coated with luminosity for easy reading in dark environments. The movement has 23 jewels and the watch has 246 components. The trademark brushed titanium Panerai crown protector is employed. Contrasting beautifully with the case, dial is done in brown with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. Protecting the dial is a sapphire crystal formed of corundum that is 2mm thick with anti-reflective coating.

Neuchatel buypaneraiwatchs is where it all happens in the Officine Panerai manufacturing headquarters. All of the R&D, assembly of the watches, water-resistance and quality testing happen on the lakefront location. This region in Switzerland has a rich tradition and technical expertise in watch-making. The Panerai brand philosophy lives on here building reliable timepieces that meet the strictest of production criteria marrying Italian design with Swiss technology. Officine comes from the Latin words opus meaning work and facere meaning make. The Calibre P2002 movement takes its inspiration from the origins of the company and is characterized by the use of state of the art technology and a commitment to the origins of the Florentine workshop where the legend was born.

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imagine having a really big spider as a

imagine having a really big spider as a pet that didnt bite or jump or do anything scary just like a two foot long spider that just sits there and follows you around like a puppy and speaks english and when it talks it has a really deep voice and talks in a really agressive voice and rarely speaks when it speaks it only says helpful things like "yo man theres balloons on sale in the next aisle for like 90% off" in its deep spider voice and its just like a really chill spider overall

shit i would love that spider I can see me and him just like chillin in our house and we be sitting on the couch watching tv and he noticed that i finished a glass of iced tea and he say want me to get you another glass o tea and i be like man thanks and then he get the glass with one of his spider legs you know and walk over to the kitchen

but then as he opening the fridge he think about all the times i didn offer to refill his glass of tea when i could and how he always did stuff for me and sometimes it can be kinda hard to carry stuff with his spider legs cause he has to bend in uncomfortable ways

like yeah i Rolex Replica was the one who let him move in with after his ex-girlfriend spider kicked him out of his web but he done more than that for me, Fake Rolex Daytona For Sale remember when i broke my leg and he made a fresh web bed on the couch every night so i wouldn have to take my crutches and hobble to my room, or remember when i lost my job at the office because i kept coming in late after watching too much anime at night and he helped pay the bills for a month by giving blood and pawning his collection of rolex watches and vintage baseball cards

what had i ever done for him other than wave a hand and say thanks man every time he cooked us grilled cheeses for supper, took out the trash or listen to my dixieland record even though his favourite genre of music was R the spider, standing in front of the light of the fridge with a cold empty glass in his spider hand, feels a sharp pain in his chest, like the sting of an unrequited love, like he had been taken advantage of

bitter anger fills his spider heart but he controls it, he shuts the fridge door and sets the glass on the counter as i continue watching the television, and the spider decides it time he moved on from this place, to find someone who would love him just as much as he loves everyone else, and holding back his spider tears he walks back into the living room and towards the front door

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